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An expulsion of vaginal gas. See queef.
Well, it was my first time, and I couldn't figure out where the clit was, and suddenly she lets out this cooter pooter and I'm like, "Whoa, what the hell was that?" It was crazy, man.
by cpoc February 18, 2004
A woman that queifs often, resulting from large amounts of air in the cooter aka vagina.
That bitch queifs so much we call her cooter pooter.
by Ryan16 October 04, 2005
A vagina that is more than the normal vagina.
(man speaking) Damn bro, that shit was a cooterpooter I tell ya.
by Witbomb October 09, 2011
super cool, super bad, just about anything that is super
"That man over there farted. Cooter Pooter!" "I once pulled a 900 on my bike and it was like totally cooter pooter dude."
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
a womans vagina
Her dress was so short, you could see her cooter pooter.
by Erin May 18, 2003
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