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Slang for abnormally large labia
Not quite meat curtains but cooter bacon to be sure.
by daredevil99 March 12, 2010
1. The flabby and excess skin* between the vagina lips. It has no feeling, and often tastes really salty and pisslike.

2. The type of vagina that many people do not like.

*Note: The excess skin does indeed resemble uncooked, or raw bacon.
That girl over there, I got with her at this rockin' party, but she had a pound of cooterbacon!
by M4ttttttt March 20, 2007
A grotesque-looking flab of skin in the vaginal area that is commonly believed to resemble a piece of uncooked bacon.
Melanie has to have about four pounds of cooterbacon on her vagina.
by Kellie Truong May 07, 2007