female sensitive area
lalo,andrew,and denson have hairy cooters that scare everybody out of the shop
by bygballa April 13, 2004
Female Private Parts ie. "the inside out ear"
I dont like girls that have a funny name for their cooter.
by Ginjah October 18, 2004
Male or female genitalia.

Ie.) She just cooter chopped that guy down the stairs!!
by Jen n Di October 22, 2005
(adj.) cute enough to make the heart melt
My dog, Stewie, is so cooters!
by Buena Vista August 25, 2006
The Fat roll on a womens belly when you are fucking the shit out of her from behind you can see it hanging like a flat tire.
Did you see her cooter when he was fucking the shit out of her ass.
by DH34 December 03, 2005
Bre's Cooter, Cooter of Bre
You'v Just Been Killed By Bre's Cooter!
by Shoner July 17, 2004
A puss bearing vagina consisting of blood, boogers and thy occational cobweb.
process- and ugly oversized womens vagina begins to bear puss, when the puss hardens it creates a sphere inside the vigina. soon puss and blood start to seep into the open space. when the sphere gets hard it swells until it cant fit any more. When it cant fit that it shoots out like a cannon. You must clean your cooter at least once per hour depending on your weight and visual apperance.
Other features- ability to create pearls- when a piece of sand is trapped inside the cooter it begins to begin to transform into a pearl (similar to clam ) depending on the length the sand stays in the cooter the bigger and more valuable to pearl will be.
by Jesse Godfrey July 05, 2005
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