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Female Private Parts ie. "the inside out ear"
I dont like girls that have a funny name for their cooter.
by Ginjah October 18, 2004
9 22
salt puffer, hatchet womb, and cheesy roast beef curtains.
Lauren has a huge cooter.
by lockert August 15, 2004
12 25
female sensitive area
lalo,andrew,and denson have hairy cooters that scare everybody out of the shop
by bygballa April 13, 2004
8 21
Male or female genitalia.

Ie.) She just cooter chopped that guy down the stairs!!
by Jen n Di October 22, 2005
10 26
The Fat roll on a womens belly when you are fucking the shit out of her from behind you can see it hanging like a flat tire.
Did you see her cooter when he was fucking the shit out of her ass.
by DH34 December 03, 2005
9 32
(adj.) cute enough to make the heart melt
My dog, Stewie, is so cooters!
by Buena Vista August 25, 2006
8 32
Bre's Cooter, Cooter of Bre
You'v Just Been Killed By Bre's Cooter!
by Shoner July 17, 2004
12 37