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A female that just annoys you without doing anything, just it's presence/ sound of it's voice/ a smile/just anything about her annoys the shit of you.
That girl is def the cooter of the team, can't fucking stand her!
by whitechocolatefatfreepudding March 31, 2009
A turtle, also known as River Cooter Turtle also known as Dan River Cooter, Basking Turtle, and Florida Cooter. The adult River Cooter may reach a foot in length. Relatively young individuals have distinctive markings on the underside that may disappear as the turtle ages. Some older specimens are dark brown to black when seen from a distance. Dried mud on the upper carapace may appear as a gray color, and green algae on some specimens produce a dark greenish cast when moist. The notched bottom edge of the carapace is characteristic of the cooters.
Bride: "Dang that cooter was chewy!"
Man: "MM da' gonn'it!"
by CooterQueen000 September 27, 2010
Referring to the curvature on the brim of ones baseball cap.
my hat has a nice cooter to it.
by Matt9i8678235 March 26, 2008
A large turtle found in Katie's pond in Blacksburg, South Carolina.
That damn cooter snagged my duck's foot, drowned it and ate that shit!

Reid caught some cooter in the pond and sold that bitch. Does that make him a pimp????

I cut that cooter's head off and it snapped all night long!!!

I took that cooter's toe nails for ransom and threw them on the roof to dry out and make a necklace.
by Katie and Nikki aka Cooter Brown February 03, 2008
A sarathian phrase referring to a cooch, fag, or stank ass pussy.

"He is such a cooter faggit."
by the king of kingpins July 23, 2007
a messy excuse for a chacha
Britney Spears, got a blochy red cooter....AKA K-Feds remians
by shrums December 11, 2006
An Uncleanly Vagina (Cunt)
My cooter smells like tuna.
by Leah H. March 20, 2005