1.female sex organ used in stupid ways.
2.better than saying "pussy".


"Yo..i get so much cooter now that im goin out with the slut."
by little_brat_4evr May 02, 2005
A vagina, duh.
"Your cooter smells"
by Lily Legs January 27, 2004
A turtle, also known as River Cooter Turtle also known as Dan River Cooter, Basking Turtle, and Florida Cooter. The adult River Cooter may reach a foot in length. Relatively young individuals have distinctive markings on the underside that may disappear as the turtle ages. Some older specimens are dark brown to black when seen from a distance. Dried mud on the upper carapace may appear as a gray color, and green algae on some specimens produce a dark greenish cast when moist. The notched bottom edge of the carapace is characteristic of the cooters.
Bride: "Dang that cooter was chewy!"
Man: "MM da' gonn'it!"
by CooterQueen000 September 27, 2010
n. A gender-neutral term referring to one's sexually active and inflammable groinage parts. {orig. ca. 1970's, Dukes of Hazzard; also conjoined terms "cootie(s)" and "pooter".}
"After that 20 mile hike in burlap shorts, my cooter sure do sting."

"I sure do enjoy you sniffing my cooter as part of our extended foreplay ritual!"
by Grannie Annie August 06, 2007
1. a vagina
2. a type of fish
3. a character on Dukes of Hazzard
4. a drunken redneck
* Cooter and Slapjacks are best friends.
* Not so hard, my cooter can't handle your loving - here, mess with my slapjacks a little!!!
* Your cooter smells like a dirty cheesy spud!!!
by Cooter April 20, 2005
Noun: A vast amount of meanings for a type of girl.

Could replace: bitch, slut, meanie, backstabber, horny person, lover, person who uses people, person who does dirty things for fun, person who had sex with a guy to make a girl jealous, etc.
That girl is a cooter.
What a cooter
by CootersgonCoot November 05, 2011
A female that just annoys you without doing anything, just it's presence/ sound of it's voice/ a smile/just anything about her annoys the shit of you.
That girl is def the cooter of the team, can't fucking stand her!
by whitechocolatefatfreepudding March 31, 2009

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