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a vaginal crevice
Wow, I would really like to put my finger in her cooter.

I would really like to please that cooter of yours as long as your bum doesn't erupt with gaseous explosions!
by Jeffman March 14, 2003
25 18
1. A woman's genitals.

2. A freshwater turtle, common in southeast and some eastern states; is actually edible.
Mascot to Cooter Festivals in Inverness, FL and Allendale, SC

3. A small town in southeastern Missouri

1. "I got with some girl last night, and her cooter stank!"

2. "Who won the cooter races this year?"
"I don't know, ask Sunny the Cooter!"

3. "Let's go to Cooter, Missouri"
by Jamie! November 06, 2007
45 39
slang for the female anatomy..
After spending last night him him, my cooter is killing me.
by Aurelle October 20, 2006
16 10
a girl's under part, something boys certainatly don't have, maybe a transvestite
"OW, that just hit my cooter!"
"Get that out of my cooter!"
"That hurts my cooter."
by Lizzz Ferrgieeuson August 13, 2008
9 4
A certain type of free roaming possum in North Carolina that likes to hide in people's backyards.
There are a lot of cooters in the backyard!
by hpfankelly88 December 08, 2006
8 3
A small town in southeastern Missouri.
I grew up in Cooter.
by Michael Barger October 11, 2006
23 18
1.female sex organ used in stupid ways.
2.better than saying "pussy".


"Yo..i get so much cooter now that im goin out with the slut."
by little_brat_4evr May 02, 2005
25 20