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Female reproductive part; also known as vagina, cooch, poonanny, crotch, etc. Used to make an awkward situation of touching the happy place less awkward.
1.You whore - you just slapped my cooter.
2. My cooter is itchy today.
3. Kirstens cooter is getting so large it is almost a gunt. *gasp*
4. Ricky and Shane can touch our cooters anyday.
A vagina, typically a lower-class one.
"That girl in them short shorts smells like cooter!"

"Yeah, she's hot, but she has a really floppy cooter."
by cootergirl August 19, 2008
another word for a womans vagina
i stuck my finger in her cooter
by taboobies November 25, 2006
vagina.. yep, i said it!
"whats wrong with you?"
"itchy cooter"
by Pirate Laura August 06, 2006
pussy, vagina, a sex organ, hopefully unhairy
my mom asked me why i shaved my cooter.
by john March 09, 2005

Best time to locate it is between 8:00 p.m.- 12:a.m.

drowned in choclate syrup and smoothered in whip cream
by UNDEFINED_72 October 15, 2009
slang for the female anatomy..
After spending last night him him, my cooter is killing me.
by Aurelle October 20, 2006