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Female reproductive part; also known as vagina, cooch, poonanny, crotch, etc. Used to make an awkward situation of touching the happy place less awkward.
1.You whore - you just slapped my cooter.
2. My cooter is itchy today.
3. Kirstens cooter is getting so large it is almost a gunt. *gasp*
4. Ricky and Shane can touch our cooters anyday.
25 15
pussy, vagina, a sex organ, hopefully unhairy
my mom asked me why i shaved my cooter.
by john March 09, 2005
40 30
another word for a womans vagina
i stuck my finger in her cooter
by taboobies November 25, 2006
21 12
1. a proper slang term for vagina.
That girl got a tight cooter!
by daniel olivares October 05, 2006
10 1
vagina; usually refering to vaginas in the younger and more hairless breed
John said he was out to get some pussy tonight, but we all know he is looking for some high school freshman cooter.
by schall January 16, 2005
132 123

Best time to locate it is between 8:00 p.m.- 12:a.m.

drowned in choclate syrup and smoothered in whip cream
by UNDEFINED_72 October 15, 2009
10 2
A vagina, typically a lower-class one.
"That girl in them short shorts smells like cooter!"

"Yeah, she's hot, but she has a really floppy cooter."
by cootergirl August 19, 2008
13 5