1: Female genitals.
2: A dim witted or stupid person hailing from a rural area. See: Redneck
So I go to the store, and this dumb cooter was in line in front of me buying four cases of chewing tobacco.
by snabald July 13, 2003
1. The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.
2. A similar part in some invertebrates.
Synonyms - see vagina, poon, cunt, twat, pussy, etc
"Either your cooters work, or they don't" -Tina Fey, Weekend Update (Saturday Night Live)

"I think I popped my cooter bone out." -Lindsay Lohan, Appalachian Emergency Room (Saturday Night Live)

Apparently SNL likes to use that word...
by ithinkipoppedmycooterboneout August 13, 2005
Little oasis between the leggs of a fine female, clean and well kept- the cooter is the king of the pussy slang because it doesnt oozzzze classlessness
and if you can find one to call your own you better eat it up- cuz the cooter changes aliances fast!
I have the cutest cooter! BoooHAHA
by Tabitha February 28, 2005
Plural of "Cooter", or numerous vaginas all specified in their entirety.
All them chicks got some skanky cooters!
by muntumbomo klick May 08, 2006
synonym for vagina
ow, I just got kneed in the cooter!
by c.steelfox October 29, 2008
vagina, a term of endearment
youve got one hell of a cooter on you
by cooter time April 04, 2007
another word for a womans vagina
i stuck my finger in her cooter
by taboobies November 25, 2006

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