A puss bearing vagina consisting of blood, boogers and thy occational cobweb.
process- and ugly oversized womens vagina begins to bear puss, when the puss hardens it creates a sphere inside the vigina. soon puss and blood start to seep into the open space. when the sphere gets hard it swells until it cant fit any more. When it cant fit that it shoots out like a cannon. You must clean your cooter at least once per hour depending on your weight and visual apperance.
Other features- ability to create pearls- when a piece of sand is trapped inside the cooter it begins to begin to transform into a pearl (similar to clam ) depending on the length the sand stays in the cooter the bigger and more valuable to pearl will be.
by Jesse Godfrey July 05, 2005
Top Definition
My cooter itches!
by lola October 09, 2002
Cooter: N the holiest of holies, the place all men aspire to be. Often paired with large, flappy labia known as "Beef Curtains." The appearance of the Cooter is usually heralded by the distinct reek of low tide.
Lauren's cooter smelled like an octopus and resembled a bearded axe wound.
by Baby Jesus March 16, 2005
Most commonly associated with the friendly greese monkey character from the Dukes of Hazard. Now a slang term referring to the female sex organ. See also snatch pussy vagina
Did you lick her cooter?
by Anonymous February 07, 2003
woman's genital area
I got kicked in the cooter.
by Katie McSchlong December 07, 2004
Female genitalia
Betsy enjoyed having her cooter tickled and nibbled before sex.
by John Raymond February 10, 2004
A Cooter is a " Gopher " Turtle . A land Turtle that lives in burrows usally near swamps and lakes .
The word " Cooter " is usally used in the Southeastern USA to describe the " Gopher " Turtle .
In recent years it has found it's way into slang as a synonym for Vagina ( pussy )
Also in the deep South it can have another meaning refering to an old hard working southern man ( aka Red Neck ) who is drunk .
" Look over yander y'all , there's a Cooter going in that hole "
" Man I bet da bitch gots some fine Cooter " !
"yo , I gots some of dat Cooter Pop " !
" Hey y'all , Bill's drunk as a cooter "
" Mr. Johnson , he's a hard working old coot ( er ) "
by Ricky Wright August 22, 2004
The female love box, more commonly referred to as the vajayjay.

Gee whiz, your cooter really smells funny
by Kryger January 13, 2009
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