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A female who can, to the amazement of drunken fraternity boys, use her vagina to "shoot" objects such as ping-pong and biilliard balls.
That girl is a "cooter shooter." Last night at the party she laid on the pool table, spread her legs, and sent the 8 ball into the corner pocket.
by Don Levy September 25, 2006
The pull-out cumshot. creampie
"She wasn't on the pill so I gave her the old cooter shooter"

"I pulled out my cooter shooter and was ready for action"
by Cptn May 05, 2008
A heterosexual man, who ejaculates in vaginas thus "shooting" a cooter with semen
Anna: I thought you were gay!
Billiam: Shit naw, I'm a straight Cooter Shooter.
Anna: Yay!
Pierre: Fuck!
by andus October 19, 2005
when you punch a girl in her vagina
alex asked cassie whats worse than an aK47? a cooter shooter! (then he punchs her in the vagina)
by lyle and yoder June 29, 2006
A guy fucking a chick - when his cock explodes, he shoots his load either in or on a chick's twat (cooter)
John Holmes: I will be your cooter-shooter!

Chick: Hell yeah!!!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2010
a penis, derived from the the idea of a penis being a shooter and being placed in a women's fluff of flesh
he showed me his cooter shooter
by meff December 20, 2007
the act of shooting someones cooter.
Carly gave Erin many cooter shooters.
by J-Dawg :) October 31, 2007

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