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cooper is a person who most people want to run over with a car, or a lawnmower, or you know just anything painful. most people who are stupid think cooper is cool, and show this by saying "no i hate cooper, hes not cool" but they lie, they actually like him... but not anyone else but Rachel, only Rachel likes Cooper. Copper typically doesnt have any friends cause hes such a dick, hes also a very bad kisser! and shouldnt wear hats too small for his/ her head.
hi cooper, you should really try walking on the sun, that would make my day (cause you'd burn to death) :)

you want to run him over with your car? he must be a cooper
by taylor white March 26, 2013
A male who is obsessed with 4chan and Runescape, you will often hear a Cooper say, "You are a troll", or bring up some joke that only he and a few others may understand. Even though a Cooper can be annoying, he is a generally a decent friend.
Yo bro why you trollin' on Cooper's facebook.
by SupahOwnageman3333333333 December 15, 2010
To hold a bowl til it burns out.
Dude you totally coopered the bowl.

Dont let the bowl coop out.
by brooks1975 February 07, 2010
Pronounced: Coo-pers. Another word used to define the genitalis.
I fell off my skateboard and landed on my Coopers. It hurt alot.

I will kick you in the Coopers.
by Stephen Fitzgerald October 03, 2006
to pull a runaway on a sweet g/f and sell crack and also go insane
i cant believe he pulled another cooper move on Tiffany.
by broken hearted forever February 10, 2009
n. a commonly used parallel to compare something that's extremely slow.
"this game is slower than cooper."
by Steven Johnnsson April 22, 2007
Cuming Offence Of Playing Endering Reproducers
girl1-look at that guys hes soo cumming
girl2-i know hes a totall cooper
by urmomma! March 13, 2008
not real,fake, not a real person and or individual, imaginary
holy shit thats cooper
by Coleoeoe February 07, 2008