cooper is a person who most people want to run over with a car, or a lawnmower, or you know just anything painful. most people who are stupid think cooper is cool, and show this by saying "no i hate cooper, hes not cool" but they lie, they actually like him... but not anyone else but Rachel, only Rachel likes Cooper. Copper typically doesnt have any friends cause hes such a dick, hes also a very bad kisser! and shouldnt wear hats too small for his/ her head.
hi cooper, you should really try walking on the sun, that would make my day (cause you'd burn to death) :)

you want to run him over with your car? he must be a cooper
by taylor white March 26, 2013
Doing a Cooper is to act sick or injured to get out of something you don't want to do. Helpful for dodging work, school, sporting events and visiting Grandma.
Is he dead?? Nah he's just pulling a Cooper.
by Bennentt Hasler May 04, 2011
Cooper is a verb that refers to discarding a beer that is not completely finished.
Dude, you coopered the shit out of that beer. It's still half-full.
Don't cooper your beers, boys. We're almost out.
Who keeps leaving these coopered beers on the kitchen counter?
If I catch you coopering your beer again, I'm going to go Slimnasty on your sorry ass.
by Kitsch Dixen December 02, 2010
Someone who pretends to have standards yet will touch anything that moves
Friend: You know that ugly girl from last night?
Friend2: Yeah, why?
Friend: I fingered her!
Friend2: Dude you're such a cooper!
by Meffboi September 24, 2011
1. A name used to socially victimise another who is guilty of being a social retard.
2. Someone who doesn't understand the difference between a joke and an insult
Your just the biggest cooper I know
by dawgsssss May 23, 2011
A whiny little boy who crys and accuses his sister of being a slacker, when he is complaining that he wants to play on the computer. His whining nearly gets her kicked off, until he has homework. He then throws a massive fit like a baby, even though he is nearly ten years old. He thinks he will get whatever he wants by whining and throwing a fit, but he is wrong.
Did you just COOPER me?
by Psychic Teddybear May 24, 2011
A male who is obsessed with 4chan and Runescape, you will often hear a Cooper say, "You are a troll", or bring up some joke that only he and a few others may understand. Even though a Cooper can be annoying, he is a generally a decent friend.
Yo bro why you trollin' on Cooper's facebook.
by SupahOwnageman3333333333 December 15, 2010

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