cooper is a person who most people want to run over with a car, or a lawnmower, or you know just anything painful. most people who are stupid think cooper is cool, and show this by saying "no i hate cooper, hes not cool" but they lie, they actually like him... but not anyone else but Rachel, only Rachel likes Cooper. Copper typically doesnt have any friends cause hes such a dick, hes also a very bad kisser! and shouldnt wear hats too small for his/ her head.
hi cooper, you should really try walking on the sun, that would make my day (cause you'd burn to death) :)

you want to run him over with your car? he must be a cooper
#dumb #dick #ass #fuckface #stupid #dumbfuck #allenbrand ##sorrynotsorry
by taylor white March 26, 2013
To disobey the common law in the selfish pursuit of self promotion and glorification.
I am totally gunna cooper today.
#coper #coppar #kooper #coopper #cober
by Slapthatman November 12, 2013
Someone who tends to fall for too many girls- fall into bed! They have troubles staying with choosing one girl to be with for a long time and isnt willing to give up the life of partying for anyone. Coopers are guys who needs to find someone extremely special to change for.
Dayyyumm Sydney, stay away from Cooper. He's been with her, her, and her...
#pooper #cooper #name #copper #coop
by craaaaaaayyyy November 18, 2014
Normally a short Mexican who likes to go to go lap swimming with his grandparents. He has a thing for Asians but they break his heart. He is also a scene-wannabe.
Check out that guy with the Asian he's such a Cooper.

Look at that Mexican he's kind of a Cooper.
#cooper #asians #cupper #cool #bootylicious
by #thisisabank December 11, 2012
A badass guy who loves to snort cocaine. He is awesome and gets all da bitches. He is also a mexican drug dealer.
Cooper is so damn high.
#badass #cocaine #drugs #weed #bitches
by mexicanman696969 December 17, 2013
A traditional Australian greeting, referencing the South Australian beer of the same name. Can also be used to express gratitude.
Mate 1: "G'day!"
Mate 2: "Coopers!"
#cheers #g'day #sup #hello #aloha
by BryanPeppers November 13, 2011
1. A term for a man who likes to sleep around, especially with friends of a girl he originally liked.
2. A manwhore.
Yeah, my ex was a total Cooper. I'm glad to get rid of him now.
#whore #manwhore #slut #jerk #sex
by SuperKai14 July 14, 2011
A person who has a big penis but is a homosexual.
Person 1: Man I so wish I was a girl.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: That kid who is a cooper. That guys penis is HUGE!
Person 2: He could go out with you.
Person 1: Really?
Person 2: He is homosexual.

Person 1: Let me ask him out.

Cooper: Hey Tom (short for Tomgirl)
Person 1: Listen, I was wondering if you would want to go out with me?
Cooper: Sorry I don't go out with Tomgirls
I only go out with people I meet on the Banana Boat
#homosexual #straight #copper #big-dicked #lesbian
by DarkMamba February 12, 2014
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