cooper is a person who most people want to run over with a car, or a lawnmower, or you know just anything painful. most people who are stupid think cooper is cool, and show this by saying "no i hate cooper, hes not cool" but they lie, they actually like him... but not anyone else but Rachel, only Rachel likes Cooper. Copper typically doesnt have any friends cause hes such a dick, hes also a very bad kisser! and shouldnt wear hats too small for his/ her head.
hi cooper, you should really try walking on the sun, that would make my day (cause you'd burn to death) :)

you want to run him over with your car? he must be a cooper
by taylor white March 26, 2013
A prefix pertaining to a certain social situation, to give it more emphasis and meaning. Can be used in response to a question or as a stand alone statement. Often used as a filler behind a subject or clause of a statement.

Originated as a parody of the extensiveness of the the popular Australian coopers beer range, in particular Coopers clear.

Often confused as a homage, or advertising for coopers. But reference was orginally intended as parody.
Mike: No one laughed at that joke
Luke: Coopers Tough Crowd

Julian: Do you want to go for a run?
Sam: Coopers exams

Ulysees: Hey

Luke: Coopers is that your real name?
by wziontek June 27, 2010
A barrel Maker
Cooper - n. - a person whose work is making or repairing barrels and casks (Webster" New World Dictionary). Cooperage, from same source indicates it is the workshop of or work done by a Cooper.
Today, the profession of the cooper is synonymous with the wine and spirits industry where the cooper assembles casks and operates machinery that builds barrels.
In much the same way that the profession of smithing has produced the popular English surname Smith and the German name Schmidt, the trade of cooperage has also given the English name COOPER
by Supa Coopa February 05, 2010
An overly confident male, known for his fratboy antics, and general rudeness to everyone he views below him. Tends to dress as a prep
Man, Ryan is such a cooper; he's been bragging how he got drunk and banged 3 chicks on saturday, then went to church!
by Supercooper October 12, 2008
A talking vibrater
Cawa's Cooper broke last night
by yew-all-suck August 02, 2008
Cooper: usually has a massive penis. Super attractive. One of the best people in the world. Not only is he good looking, but he is the most humble and sweetest guys out. Always willing to listen and help you out. If you know a cooper you are very lucky especially if his last name is valentine.
Girl1: that cooper guy is so sweet and good looking

Girl2: yep I would date him in a heartbeat
by Swag overload May 25, 2014
To disobey the common law in the selfish pursuit of self promotion and glorification.
I am totally gunna cooper today.
by Slapthatman November 12, 2013
A badass guy who loves to snort cocaine. He is awesome and gets all da bitches. He is also a mexican drug dealer.
Cooper is so damn high.
by mexicanman696969 December 17, 2013

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