cooper is a person who most people want to run over with a car, or a lawnmower, or you know just anything painful. most people who are stupid think cooper is cool, and show this by saying "no i hate cooper, hes not cool" but they lie, they actually like him... but not anyone else but Rachel, only Rachel likes Cooper. Copper typically doesnt have any friends cause hes such a dick, hes also a very bad kisser! and shouldnt wear hats too small for his/ her head.
hi cooper, you should really try walking on the sun, that would make my day (cause you'd burn to death) :)

you want to run him over with your car? he must be a cooper
by taylor white March 26, 2013
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one sexy individual
someone that ooses sex apeal. an extremely wanted person
.Ooo look at that cooper
.that cooper is so fine
by stuff_this July 05, 2006
the most amazing guy i have ever met, he always knows how to make me smile and just talking to him makes my day better. i want to be with him forever! he is indescribable in everyway and i couldnt ask for anyone better. i love you so much!
cooper is the most amazing person ever!
by kay baby January 02, 2009
Cooper: A person (Male or Female) who is the sexiest person alive. A Cooper always has enough sexyness for the entire world. A Cooper is so sexy that they sometimes have sex overloads and explode with sexyness.
A Cooper does not need an example he is too sexy for one!
by CooperBeast December 28, 2010
One characterized as having a charming deep voice, a charismatic personality, and weilding an exceptionally large penis.
"wow...i wish i was that guy, he gets all da bitches"
"man, whata cooper!"
"fo sho', hes a cooper"

"oh my gosh, jennny big was he???"
"he was COOPER big!!"
"holy cow so it was at least the size of your forearm???"
by xsimplyme123 January 24, 2010
To give a cooper is to be sitting in the front seat of a car while feeling up someone in the backseat of the car. Preferably while their best friend is driving.
The other day my friend was coopering a chunky charms on the way back from the bar.
by tunacan November 05, 2007
An unusually beautiful, short, and super cute young female.
1)...Wow, look at that cooper. 2)...I hope the cooper will be at the club tonight. 3)... Cooper alert!
by Charles Lewis May 09, 2006
Greatest Brewers in the entire world, famous for their Pale Ale amongst others.
Fuck oath this is a great brew, must be a coopers.
by Duncan September 07, 2003

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