Besides being a racial slur for an African-American gentlemen, Coonjob can also describe a "nerdy" variant of a "bro." A "Coonjob" is typically a Caucasian male in his late teens/early twenties, taking an easy major at a low quality college (I.E. Business, psychology, etc.), allowing him enough free time to play several video games, which despite all the time spent, will never become pro at.
It is also worthy to note that besides his lackluster video gaming efforts, the "Coonjob" also happens to be a fan of illogical bouts of domestic abuse. Assuming the "Coonjob" is married in the first place, domestic abuse tends to occur once the "Coonjob" loses a match in his favorite video game.

See also: Xbox, WoW, and anal.
Kris is such a Coonjob!
by Skorznik March 17, 2008
A person who's attitude towards life is that of a dirty minority.

Also, a person who is being a dickface.

Not to be confused with the sexual act of having sex with a moon cricket.
"Stop being a coon job"
"Hey, look at that coon job over there"
"You know what, i really wish you weren't such a coon job."
by gangmemberjackson June 29, 2009
A sexual act where a person wearing eye make up performs fillatio on a male partner in the shower causing their makeup to run resembling a raccoon.
Liv gave me a wicked coon job in the shower yesterday.
by LivThrowsBabies January 25, 2016
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