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It means Vagina, plain and simple.
Her nickname is coonie
by beer April 02, 2005
80 63
"Coonie" is a nickname for the term "Coonass" which is a popular term for a Cajun (french heritage) in the South.

A "Coonie" is also a popular name on the game "City of Heroes". It means "I rule your asses." Its a popular term to hear in "Coonie Chat" as well.
"Man! That is one bad-ass COONIE!!"
by ~pink~ September 11, 2011
16 8
Abbrev coon swing.
An australian aboriginal martial art technique where the fist is clenched and the arm is swung horizontally at full extension with elbow locked. The aim off which is to knock out your opponent with an inaccurate blow to the head.
He threw a few coonies but none connected. (He can't fight)
I copped a few coonies but managed to get away. (That's the last time I go late night shopping in Darwin Australia)
by Poinciana Woman September 12, 2005
23 23
Noun, can be anything. Mostly used confuse the person you are talking to.
"Where did I put that coonie?!"
by Coonie Hoonie December 13, 2009
15 18
a gay person
you see that coonie?
by rob April 18, 2004
72 79
the curly part of a balloon ribbon that gets in your face in photographs
Oh dang! There's a coonie in my face!
by Kelcey April 16, 2007
10 36