1. mug all you need to know is that a cooner is a mo fo-in name given to a mo fo-in trick ass hoe cuz she eat deez muvs. Why? she a mo fo-in hick....
2. name given to hicks
3. fuck this shit im outy
LOvInhiCkS4LiFE: i swear i saw dat cooner girl in me trailer yard lastnight.
FuCKmyASs: i know i sawed her too she steeelen alls ours food.
Top Definition
shortened version of racoon, something amanda busch eats
the bakuns aka bacooner
1.im a cooner
2.cooner out
by gobstopper69 April 10, 2005
A type of duck from mid-africa, that cannot fly nor swim. Used in a metaphorical sense to describe someone that does not fit in anywhere.
That one legged, blind man is such a cooner. He doesn't fit in anywhere!
by Kevinsacooner June 10, 2009
shaggy hairstyle worn by mostly bros; usually the same length all the way around; the hair must be worn straight (not curly or wavy)
bro 1- "hey, bro, what did you do to your hair?"

Bro 2- "nothin man, I just let it grow out straight, its called a cooner."
by coonerbro13 July 10, 2008
1.Red-haired children
by alexis April 15, 2005
FINE BLACK PUSSY! Fine...juicy...curly and yummy
Did you see Latiqua the other day? That is some nice COONER!
by c-slaw August 18, 2006
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