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A cross between a sneaky racoon and a ugly dog. used when describing someone that is sinister and ugly. although this is the base difinition for the word it can also describe other qualities from either a racoon or dog such as smelly, dirty, sly, etc.
"Hey, I saw that! you sneaky coon-dog you."
"how could you!? your a little dirty coon-dog"
by BiG RayII May 07, 2009
2 4
A white woman who dates, has dated, has sex with, or has had sex with a black man. Damaged goods. See: Mud Shark.
"Man, Brittany is HOT!"

"Ew, no. She's such a coon dog."


"Yeah. It's a shame."

by TarHeel Beau December 30, 2007
30 14
The art of smacking somebody in the balls totally off-guard.
Think Fast! COONDOG!
by jojuhboy January 08, 2008
15 9
Someone who spits on people while being drunk.
Man ace was a coondog last nite
by Bj. October 27, 2006
21 23
A redneck chump unsuspecting to his levels of redneckedness
Spencer you're a lil coondog you done swallowed all yer dip!
by snickklefriitz September 21, 2008
10 14
A middle aged mom who speaks in a fake brittish accent and likes to fast for dongs.
a coondog
by camtoms181 December 29, 2010
0 9
1. one who fishes the skagit river system and targets federally protected fish more specifically dolly varden trout and posts his carnage reports in online fishing forums.
2. a nickname for a fishing buddy
1. I cant believe that coondog actually kept all of those dollies.

2. Yo whats up coondog you ready to hit the river?
by Matt March 20, 2006
8 17