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A friend who never has anything or contributes to anything, but always wants whatever you have and desperatly wants. And usually lives in a appartment and is white (and likes famous T shirts)
Friend(coon) who always is there to smoke your weed and get free car rides, but never pays for anything else but with his friendship
by Bellingham44 January 06, 2010
Its a racist, offensive old fashioned term used to describe Black People by non-blacks!
A Black boy joins an all white football team. He tells them his name which is an African name. One of the team-players tells the others..''We can call him Coon''. They all laugh at this crude,stupid, offensive joke.
by Afroz999 August 27, 2009
Euphemism for the word nigger. Used by people who are afraid to say "nigger" (i.e., white people).
whats appening coon?
by asian1 September 07, 2006
name fo' a nigga
geez that nigga is such a coon
by joelish07070 March 01, 2006
coon is a confused nigga or a nigga who disagrees with something
u a coon for saying T.I is the king of the south
by rawattack September 27, 2007
1. - (colloq.) Short for 'Coonangum' (<coon-ang-oom>) and 'Coonang,' a nickname for any person called 'Cunningham.' See also coony bastard.

2. - Rascist name referring to someone of dark skin colour.
1. - "Shut it Coon," or "Coonangum gee'uz that Buckie."

by JayFizzleNizzle November 29, 2008
a lady friends vagina or just any old regular puss
" Im gonna grind on every piece of coon in this club"
by Loopy Coon September 08, 2008