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Persian word, meaning ass. Persians may therefore be found sniggering in super-market aisles when they encounter "Coon brand Cheese"
Frank: "I feel like some coon cheese."
Achmed: "You're disgusting."
by Zanda Panda August 28, 2008
not at all an offensive term for black people
it means a cool person
who is hip and ridiculously fly
and also is totally racially acceptable and also technologically savvy
hey coon you ROCK and you are soooo acceptable of different races!!
by coonmeister January 04, 2008

A word describing a Southern person with no sense of style. Directly related to the word "racoon" as how many Southern people refer to them as "coons", viewed as tacky and drawl by upper-class people.

A slang term regularly used by people of the hipster or indie variety to humiliate conforming people who tend to follow whatever trend comes up, regardless of how ridiculous or audacious. Also directly related to how Southern states are often the last to catch on to fads.
"That guy is wearing those silly band bracelets. They're so tacky, I have no idea why everyone loves them so much." said Jenna.

"Ha! They're coons, they don't know any better." replied Timmy.
by LazyHappyLucky July 24, 2010
A friend who never has anything or contributes to anything, but always wants whatever you have and desperatly wants. And usually lives in a appartment and is white (and likes famous T shirts)
Friend(coon) who always is there to smoke your weed and get free car rides, but never pays for anything else but with his friendship
by Bellingham44 January 06, 2010
(noun)pronounced ;kün

1.A black person, or person of equally dark skin rivaling that of the night.

Etymology: Coon is derived from the word Raccoon. Raccoons are have black markings over there eyes resembling a bandit mask. Are well known for sneaking into town and stealing food. The shortened version is also used as a nickname for black people, because like the raccoon they love to steal.
A:Look, it's a nigger!

B:I prefer to call it a coon.
by fill this space September 14, 2009
Coon, insulting name for a nigger.
"Look Jed there goes a coon"

"don't be racist Billy Bob... that be a nigger not a coon!"
by WinkyWooWoo June 30, 2009
An American Black Person Who Worships White People Over Their Own. And Usually Insults Their Own In Favor Of The Flat Butt, Microdick Having People.
Did this guy just say he will never date another black woman again, because this one female broke his heart? What a coon!

ab: another cop pulled you over?
cd: I hate the man but I love women with his features.
ab: Yeah, I hate those witches too for having our hair and skin color! That's why I left my baby momma, when she got pregnant.
cd: let's go find some beckys and ambers and do some trains and facials.
by PillThrower July 31, 2010