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offensive name for native Australian aboriginals, generally used to offend aboriginals in the slums of more rural parts of Australia. the word derives from the word 'raccoon' when it was used in north america to offend African Americans. Unlike african americans, most aboriginals have not yet risen from racial hatred and are still living in largely populated slums. some of the aboriginals in slums are equally as resentful of whites as whites are of them, and violence isn't uncommon.

synonyms: aboriginal, abo, nigger, golliewog, gollie
father: "i can smell that coon from here!"
son: "i dont think it is fair for them to be rejected by society the way that they are"
father: "just stay away from them son, they don't like us whites."
by PJemus April 04, 2014
a sexually transmitted disease in which during intercourse the raccoon emerges from the vaginal canal and bites 2-3 inches off the tip of the penis.
keith has coons D:
by unfaithful acception July 25, 2011
Short word for Raccoon.
I skinned this damned 'coon yesterday.
by the coonmeister April 30, 2010
Another Word For a Black person!
Shut The F*ck Up You Coon!
by BoyGoneBad May 11, 2005
Slang word for a Ford Falcon (Australia) - usually, but not always, the older boxed shaped model (XD, XE, XF). Comes from stretching the word to Falcoon and then cutting it in half. Affectionate term used by people who like their car.
"Anyone up for a drive down the coast? I'm taking the coon out for a spin."
by Ketamina February 24, 2013
Adjective. Used to describe people who are loud for no reason, ugly, obnoxious, and ignorant.

People who walk around thinking that they are the shit when in actuality, they suck.
Did you see that coon?
Oh my gosh a coon!
Yupp, they definitely are coons.
Wow you are such a coon.
by i_poop_rainbows9 October 28, 2011
A racist term used to derogatorily describe 'niggers'.
Tell them coons to stop playin' their god damn coon toons. Niggers!
by anonymasss October 18, 2009