This word is often used as a racist term, but it does lave a legitimate meaning.
An animal. See raccoon
Jed and Granny went coon hunting.
by TeamGoon October 11, 2005
1.)an accruate term used to describe african-americans that are stuck in the 18th century and call cacusian people 'cracker' or 'cracka'
2.) nigger
That coon monkey was all over my girlfriend.
by Lauren Fagenbaum March 18, 2005
a word that teenagers use for every day things/feelings/people and their faggyness.
alix: omg sera you looked like such a coon today!
sera: stfu you stupid whore
alix: lmfao. you stfu coon.
by lush-lexx.THEBOMB June 23, 2007
great nickname. it ROCKS! its so funny and sweet.
cool girl funny that rocks tons of fun great santoria not at all offensive to black people funny nickname
were nice...we promise!
not about black people AT ALL.
offensive to black people? NO!
offensief aan zwarte mensen? Nr!
offensive pour noircir des personnes ? NON !
Offensive, zum der Leute zu schwärzen? NEIN!
¿ofensiva para ennegrecer a gente? ¡cNo!

laura come over here!
what do you want?
coon you look cool in that dress...laura u shoudl wear that ALL DA TIME.
thanks coon. your cool. *blushes*
(they kiss)
by NCS Girl Who Rocks October 12, 2007
a woman's breasts. derived from the term "rack" --> (raccoon) --> "coon"
check out the coon's on that betty!
by hard to find a name August 06, 2007
An affectionate name for a Maine Coon cat.
I adopted what I thought was a grown, neutered cat, but when I brought him to the vet for a checkup, I found out he was a 6-month-old, unneutered kitten. Needless to say, he grew to be a 20-pound monster because he was a coon and I didn't know it.
by Stop the pendulum January 03, 2006
to take all the shit out of someones backpack, turn it inside out, put everything back in, and zip it up.
ari got severely cooned by marisa and noah.
by nebula and zenon April 26, 2007

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