Euphemism for the word nigger. Used by people who are afraid to say "nigger" (i.e., white people).
whats appening coon?
by asian1 September 07, 2006
A person who is scared to fuck.
I was at that ho's tilt last night, but we didnt do anything because shes a coon.
by CallMeDaddy April 24, 2009
1. - (colloq.) Short for 'Coonangum' (<coon-ang-oom>) and 'Coonang,' a nickname for any person called 'Cunningham.' See also coony bastard.

2. - Rascist name referring to someone of dark skin colour.
1. - "Shut it Coon," or "Coonangum gee'uz that Buckie."

by JayFizzleNizzle November 29, 2008
a lady friends vagina or just any old regular puss
" Im gonna grind on every piece of coon in this club"
by Loopy Coon September 08, 2008
coon is a confused nigga or a nigga who disagrees with something
u a coon for saying T.I is the king of the south
by rawattack September 27, 2007
Short for cocoon, a protective case of silk or similar fibrous material spun by the larvae of moths and other insects that serves as a covering for their pupal stage.
DAMN You see all them FILTHY COONS! They NEED to CLEAN UP this NEIGHBORHOOD! Shit.
by Christopher Gamboa July 28, 2007
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