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From the days of the afro-pick comb,the coontop is the hair pulled forward to resemble the bill or brim of a baseball cap.
Say bro thats a right-on coontop you gots goin on !
by fluvio the great March 08, 2011
The forward combed hair of the wiley Afro-American male mimicking the brim of a baseball cap.
Hey coon top
by fluvio March 07, 2011
male or female, usually flannel-wearing white trash, with a normal hair cut except for a small (usually un-braided)patch that goes down their back. not to be confused with a rat tail. a high percentage of beardo's have coontops.
look at that beardo's coontop!! he must be from west allis!
by s@#ttalkins!@#$ September 18, 2007

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