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Coon boots are the formation of hard callouses on the soles of human feet to ensure rugged off road performance and increased ability to navigate rough terrain (often at pace).

Derived from common slang (coon), the indigenous australian (aboriginal) population survived thousands of years without the need for enclosed footwear, using there 'boots' to tough the harshest surfaces.

The process in which to sculpt a demon pair of coon boots is a long and arduous journey which requires months (if not years) of exposing the soles of the foot to numerous surfaces; jagged rocks, dirt, gravel, barnacles, ice, hot coals and variations between these (i.e. ice cold jagged rocks), just to name a few. Once walking on a surface has been mastered, to truly have coon boots one must progress to running, carrying heavy loads and finally running whilst carrying heavy loads.

Ellaborations on the word include: coonies, coondoggers, coontizzles, teh coonz0rs and abo nikes.
>>> I havent worn shoes for the last couple of months, and im beginning to sculpt a fashionable pair of coon boots. They really do make life easier.

>>> Fuck man, its cold as a mother out here, and these rocks are cuttin up my feet hardcore... Its about now I wish I had a phat pair of coonies to eat this terrain.

>>> Shit son... Thats quite a nice pair of coondoggers your sportin there... How long those bad mother fuckers take to wear in?
by omg i am wtf uber August 05, 2007
Bare feet. Referring to coons inability to afford footwear.
I was too lazy to find my shoes so i just wore my coon boots.
by Neville Bonner Sr. January 10, 2008
Most likely the style of shoes used to hunt coons.
Hey reggie, grab them there coon boots, lets hunt us some coons!
by racistmonkey03 July 02, 2011
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