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The process of reproducing coolness. It is like mitosis, but with coolness.

However, it is meant as a response to a situation one deems worthy of more than a simple cool The "cool" is designed to be spread through others, and "cooliosis" shows that it is meant to be enjoyed by all.
Drug Dealer 1: Hey did we make any money?
Drug Dealer 2: Yeah, 2 grand
Drug Dealer 1: Cooliosis.
by atlpride May 29, 2012
infected with cool
john is so cool he has cooliosis
by joe reppert April 18, 2004
The term used by and for unbelievably cool objects/people , so much so, that it boggles the mind! May be described/reffered to as "suffering from the cool syndrome"
WOW,your cooliosis!
by PinkyGalCork July 12, 2011
back-breakingly cool, gnarly or nifty
1. "I bought a talking cactus today" "Oh, cooliosis!"

2. "She is cooliosis"
by wordywordword April 04, 2011