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(verb) a word depreived from the Mba culture, meaning to relax, calm ones self, make urself relaxed. It is not a very common phrase but can be heard in the regions of the Curley Library, SDR, and tech office.
Me: Hello Kenny, what are u doing this fine afternoon?
Kenny: Nuin much, just coolin it!
Me: I mean I guess. How are the sororities at Hopkins?
Kenny: I would def cool it with dem!

Kenny: Man, im not all for this childish debauchery. Ill just go in the corner and strait cool it.
by Javier from the year 2043 February 25, 2013
spoken with a geechee acent, originated in Savannah Ga, Coolin means chillin or doing fine.
Hey how you doing patrick, shit just COOLIN IT
by Starch Mane April 03, 2009