Originally: Cigarettes, esp. menthol, laced with PCP.
I find it funny that the same drug slang from 30 years ago describes a different drug. We used to buy coolies behind Hanshaw Liquor and smoke them on the steps to the protable classroom where our 5th period math class was held.
by PupNTaco June 22, 2005
this can be said in so many different ways......Kuelies....cuelies....koolies.....etc.....ya can even make up ya own. It is basically a compliment better than sweet an cool.
Yo, like your band is koolies, were can i get the CD???
by Luke Penketh January 13, 2004
A word of homosexual origin from a flame assed pharmacy tech.
"Hey Mikey! You're so coolies!"
by Shawn Sipe March 22, 2003
an extremely irritating way of saying 'Cool'. Used by Singaporeans who love trying to by cute and original. The phrase turns out sounding pathetic and makes user seem too try-hard to fit into society.
Singaporean: Yo Bro, wanna have lunch?

Other: Nah, i've got things to do, places to go.

Singaporean: Coolies.
by Toejam May 16, 2005
really really really ridiculously good looking!!
that chick/guy was coolies!
by Steve-O June 08, 2004
A cooly is a freind, associate, or simply another cool individual.
Sup Cooly, those boots are workin' for ya'.
by grungyinh January 27, 2008
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