A poor laborer or immigrant worker that will do any job for a small amount of pay.
My uncle Chris hires a group of coolies to construct investment property, clean up his house, and drive his son to school.
by Npard23 April 30, 2007
Originated in India, where as the East Indian people call a baggage handler.
Don't have one to give.
by Brando January 01, 2004
code name for a vagina
Courtney- "Doctor, ever since i had sexual intercourse with Dominique, my coolie has been itching non stop."

Dr. Upchurch- "Maybe you now have an STD. You should get tested pronto."

by toosa86 February 23, 2009
A cigarette with a small amount of tobacco taken out, as well as half of the filter and then cocaine is inhaled through
"Coolies crack me out...i smoke them before i go to sleep...but that was when i used to be a baller, i am stright edged now"
by Lo December 23, 2004
cigarette laced with cocaine
fuck examples, they make me think
by the fresh prince August 11, 2004
A Jamaican term for indians,(can be native or east indian)it is usually used when dissing them. Also refered to as Talaban or rap head people.
1. dem dyam coolie dem jus a stink up di place.

2. A weh mi tell you seh? Mi seh u nuh fi gwann a nuh dutty coolie yaad.

3. Yow di Talaban dem Jus a tek ova, mi cyaan go nuhweh!
by Girlfrenluv May 10, 2009
(n) A quickie in the snow.
We had a quick coolie during our lunch break.
by keyshaw April 30, 2004
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