Coolie can be traced back to the Hindi kûlî, qulî, meaning, "hired laborer.”literally means "bitterly hard (use of) strength". The word "coolie" is also used commonly in the Hindi language to refer to porters…In Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and other parts of the Caribbean… the word was commonly used to denote any person of Indian origin or descent. Nowadays, it is often considered an offensive racial slur on par with "nigger.” Its use by non-Indians is usually seen as extremely offensive, but it may be used by people of Indian descent in a neutral or positive way.

Therefore, I'd like to introduce an alternative term. Indo-Caribbeans. First, in defining “Indo-Caribbean-ness” one must consider what this term means in the context of the Caribbean, verses here in Canada. Moreover, it is important to address Indo-Caribbeans by not only their race, culture, and ethnicity but also in terms of social, political, and economic contributions, which they had made in the countries they reside in.
The definition of “Indo-Caribbean-ness” must also avoid making ethnic and racial distinctions by fragmenting the term “Indian-ness” and “Caribbean-ness” as different, when in fact it, through the process of Creolization, there is a fusion between the two. The word Indo-Caribbean is moreover, an academic term used to establish difference, and as result is not widely used by those in the Caribbean—Indians verses Indo-Caribbeans. Hence, the term appears more frequently in communities like Toronto, where it not only represents difference, but also unifies group members in establishments like the Indo-Caribbean World and Ontario Society Serving Indo-Caribbean Canadians (OSSIC). Notably, the term continues to pronunciate through use in Canada, acting to differentiate “us” from the “other,” where Indo-Caribbeans are distinctly not Black-Caribbeans, nor are they East-Indians, Pakistanis, or any other group, which they are easily misidentified as, and therefore put into isolated categories or “same-ness.”
Are you coolie or Indo-Caribbean or both or does it matter?
by alternativethought December 12, 2006
an offensive or derogatory term to define and unskilled worker from the Far east or of Asian descent.
I hired a coolie worker .
by AseDestiny September 22, 2003
A smokable joint consisting of cocaine, marijuana and tobacco. Often shared. May be rolled with a Philly Blunt or other similar wrapper.
Work was a bitch today; I need to roll me a coolie.
by grimoda July 28, 2012
Marijuana laced with cocaine in a joint or blunt
Want to roll up a coolie and smoke it in my room?
by Abigail Rosaletta November 01, 2010
All the Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi types working for KBR in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some are really coolio and dream of the great 7-11 in the sky the USA, some hate the USA cause we pay them $5 a day. The ones in country work their asses off at laundry or cooking, but the ones in the bazaars are real rip off artists, swindling Joes, who miss the great PX in the sky Wal-Mart back home
The coolies in the DEFAC are great but the ones at the bazaar selling bootleg DVDs and trinket are real cocks.
by alpino January 18, 2012
Southern Maryland term for stylish young black man, circa 1978, specifically those sporting a marcel wave.
You might get some from the coolies hanging outside the liquor store.
by smoovroland August 21, 2009
A brown person lving in the carribean is known as a coolie.coolies are beggining to make a name of themeslves.
if u want to see an example go to and type in coolie connectionz its a good rap crew with coolies.
by marcey April 22, 2006

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