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A woman's asshole.
Boy, as soon as I slid two fingers in the cooch and one in the coolie she went bonkers!
by bomb biscuit January 29, 2004
A poor laborer or immigrant worker that will do any job for a small amount of pay.
My uncle Chris hires a group of coolies to construct investment property, clean up his house, and drive his son to school.
by Npard23 April 30, 2007
code name for a vagina
Courtney- "Doctor, ever since i had sexual intercourse with Dominique, my coolie has been itching non stop."

Dr. Upchurch- "Maybe you now have an STD. You should get tested pronto."

by toosa86 February 23, 2009
Originated in India, where as the East Indian people call a baggage handler.
Don't have one to give.
by Brando January 01, 2004
A cigarette with a small amount of tobacco taken out, as well as half of the filter and then cocaine is inhaled through
"Coolies crack me out...i smoke them before i go to sleep...but that was when i used to be a baller, i am stright edged now"
by Lo December 23, 2004
cigarette laced with cocaine
fuck examples, they make me think
by the fresh prince August 11, 2004
A Jamaican term for indians,(can be native or east indian)it is usually used when dissing them. Also refered to as Talaban or rap head people.
1. dem dyam coolie dem jus a stink up di place.

2. A weh mi tell you seh? Mi seh u nuh fi gwann a nuh dutty coolie yaad.

3. Yow di Talaban dem Jus a tek ova, mi cyaan go nuhweh!
by Girlfrenluv May 10, 2009
(n) A quickie in the snow.
We had a quick coolie during our lunch break.
by keyshaw April 30, 2004