to be way more better than cool
Babe #1 is cooler than Babe #2
cristine is cooler than aaron
by RHAYOO June 08, 2011
Slang for solitary confinement.
Inmate 1: Hey Bob, have you seen Larry today?
Inmate 2: Nah man, he stabbed Jacko with a pencil yesterday and the fuzz chucked him in the cooler
by JDJDJD222 October 27, 2011
The vagina of an obnoxious slut. The idea of putting your pecker into her makes you shrivel up like putting your junk into a cooler full of ice water.
That sorority chick is such a cooler.
by Pantaloons April 20, 2011
What Strong Bad sits upon on labor day.
"Strong Bad sat on his cooler over by the Stick."
by hannah September 08, 2003
the yummiest drinks in da world.
extra hard coolers in "glacier berry" kick ass!
by Amy November 14, 2003
When someone has a mouthful of ice and blows the could air into someones asshole.
Jerry gave me a cooler after ramming my ass.
by the mexican October 08, 2003
A person that is too cool.
Jason beat Julio in a break dancing competition, he's a cooler.
by Gaston B. January 24, 2005
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