An appropriate response to a story that is not believable without proof and no proof was provided.

Somewhat like Pics or it didn't happen.
Person A: I just got 15 headshots in a row when spraying with an M249 in Counter Strike Source without hacks!
Person B: Got a replay for this?
Person A: No, but I swear it happened!
Person B: cool story bro.
by gd1 December 01, 2009

we don't really care, please shutup.

originated at south sydney high school from a certain matthew holiday.

Unless you are him or italian, don't even try to claim it.
cool story bro
by yehmancoolstory December 05, 2010
Something retards and trolls say, when they didn't like something they read, really want to argue but, just aren't smart enough to do so.

See also TL;DR
cool story bro is just more obnoxious forum chaff from the crap factory and anon daycare center, that is 4chan.
by FlowersInMidgar2 August 14, 2009

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