you all know the definition to cool story bro, but now there's an addition. If you really don't like the story your friend just told, add on "Hope they make a movie about it"
Story Teller: aw man I went to work the other day and this lady came in with her kid... blah blah blah
You: Cool story bro, hope they make a movie about it!
by kittykat14311 May 05, 2011
"Cool story, bro" is an expression used to actualize the insignificance of stories or statements that are falsely believed to be very significant by the individual that is sharing them. Usually a condescending response to a self-indulgent based monologue, this phrase is often used when the speaker's story is, in acutuality, not very cool at all. If used to positive effectiveness, the person(s) applying this expression may sufficiently help the speaker to realize how insignificant their story and/or statement truly is.
Scenario: Seth brings his surfboard to the beach on a day when the ocean is evidently very flat.

Surfer: "Wow... I wish I would've brought my long board today."

Seth: "I know, man. I checked the surf report this morning, and there were supposed to be some pretty gnarly waves."

Surfer: "Really?.... Cool story bro."
by Frankie Boom Botz July 26, 2011
A slang you say when someone is talking about shit you don't care about, it is unappealing to you and you feel like you are going to split into a freaking coma.

You tell the faggot in a sarcastic manner, "Cool Story Bro".
Troll: Cool Story Bro.
by SaviourZealot October 06, 2011
A phrase used by awesome men with 7in.+ penis' and meant to be used when women talk about long boring stories when trying to watch football or doing something more important.

Also, used towards men when their annoying.

-Can also be used with "nope sorry" in context.
Girl: "Omg today was the worst day! i spilled coffee on my shirt!"
Guy: "Cool story bro"

Girl:"Stop playing cod and listen to me about my day!"
Guy: nope sorry...but cool story bro.

Girl:"I love you"
Guy:"cool story bro"
by Blueboy7thst November 14, 2011
A response to any of the comments made by Junaid Yasin, a brown senior at Parkway West High School because everything he says has completely no relevance to the current conversation. Cool Story Bro is also known as the "ultimate shutdown".
Cool story bro.
by coolstorybro123456 February 02, 2011
A declaration that one is not interested in the topic at hand but that one does not have the proper IQ to come up with a more interesting topic.
Amelia: My grandfather died

Zeus: Cool story bro
by Rihanyce May 23, 2010
a troll's last resort, often used when the troll has no other defense to use
i like horror movies. no they suck. your movies suck. my movies kick ass. and my movies kick ass too. cool story bro
by chazm00 May 08, 2010

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