a sentence, statement, word or story that went nowhere and/or was completely uninteresting.
1. Oi Raelene, cool story bro, want a sticker for that?
2. Oi Raelene, cool story bro, needs more dragons and shit!
3. Oi Raelene, put a bookmark in your cool story and continue from no one gives a fuck
4. Oi Raelene, cool story bro, thought it was fucking amazing myself
by korean keyboard warrior July 23, 2011
The phrase a person uses when he/she couldn't possibly care less about what you have to say, yet feels the need to satisfy your "story" with a response. Very commonly received when the person using the phrase feels as if they are superior to you in each and every way, and would like nothing more than to pound your face into the ground.

As made famous by Katie Dalmas.
":M---|---< DUCKMAN! :M-|-< ASIAN DUCKMAN!"

"Cool story bro."
by LJonesy October 05, 2011
A phrase used to react to a story, ect. that has little/nothing to do whith the curent subject.
*under a discussion about videogames*
Dude A:Hay guys i just started reading books, that shit is so cash!
Dude B: Cool story bro
by James Adrian AshtonLillybranch August 12, 2009
A phrase used toward someone if you don't really care what they are saying, or your just joking around trying to annoy them.
"Yo I just got some new kicks", You: Cool story bro, tell it again?!
by your a yickkkkkk July 22, 2013
cool story bro is a saying that someone should say if they are bored, uninterested, or don't care about what another person is saying.

cool story bro has to be the most annoying thing invented either than "i know you are but what am i ?"

csb is the short form, and there is different ways you can say cool story bro . like cool story bro, write a book about it, cool story bro, want a medal ? and cool story bro, no one cares, cool story bro, make it your status, cool story bro, write a status about it .

but who gives a fuck !? because people who say cool story bro are just faggots who think they are cool .
person 1: kay so on the weekend i went over to em's house for a sleepover and we -"
person 2: cool story bro, write a book about it"
by oneamazingmotherfucker July 20, 2011
Coolstorybro is most commonly said by 12 year old faggots.

It used to be used on the image board 4chan as a reply to a long, descriptive post.

But now the phrase has been spread around the internets by stupid fucking kids who are trying to be cool.

If you see someone typing this, flame them immediately.
Jim: Hi

Faggot: Coolstorybro

Jim: Oh, so you're copying off the other kids now..

Faggot: Coolstory

Jim: Fucking idiot.
by Vope February 28, 2011
you all know the definition to cool story bro, but now there's an addition. If you really don't like the story your friend just told, add on "Hope they make a movie about it"
Story Teller: aw man I went to work the other day and this lady came in with her kid... blah blah blah
You: Cool story bro, hope they make a movie about it!
by kittykat14311 May 05, 2011

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