A sweet ass song from the new movie "Hot Rod", also meaning cool, nice, awesome, etc.
Andy Samberg: "Cool beans?" Jorma Taccone "Cool beans."
by Greg Roberts August 09, 2007
An interjection used to express contentness. A less enthusiastic version of "Hooray".
When Sally learned she was having macaroni and cheese for dinner, her response was "cool beans".
by Jeffrey Bryan September 14, 2006
Beans that are neither hot nor cold, but cool; generally 42 1/2 degrees.
It is 42 1/2 degrees outside that is cool beans!
by dietrich22 March 24, 2006
a word used when you dont choose to say warmbeans
im going to the concert...
by Pl@ October 28, 2004
the coolest word from the 90s for awesome being brought back by Dboparoni O.
dude, patrick purcell, that's cool beans!
by patrick purcell August 23, 2006
A remark that is made to something that is NOT cool.
Ben- Dude. I just got that girls number, after I asked her for the fifth time.

Josh- Cool bean man.. cool bean..
by kayyceeayy July 10, 2008
A word that was originally used it pop culture, now used by people who think they're random. They feel the need to take words out of the 60s, when them themselves arel istening to emo bands.
George: cool beans!
me: Shut up.
by Guybrushthegreat September 01, 2005

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