to do something stupid so you are to be accepted. Usually works when you are suicidal.
The cool way to pass the goochie.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
Constipated Overrated Overweighted Loser
that guy is so cool in schoool
by five ten pm August 19, 2006
something you are not
"You r not cool because you are looking up the word cool in a dictionary u uncool bastard."
by forshezzy neezy ur greezzy December 04, 2004
AS IN: amazing, interesting, Sergio Ramos

AS IN NOT: weird, boring, lame, Cesc Fabregas
Sergio Ramos is cool, but Cesc Fabregas is a dork.
by coolchico July 10, 2008
a word that should only be used to describe the temperature. AND NOTHING ELSE!
out here is nice and cool.
by unknown punk September 02, 2005
A word that started out to mean "hip," "excellent," etc., or other indefinable qualities, but has become vastly overused blanket exclamation of approval.
"That antique rocking chair is so cool."
by Evan Dahill March 03, 2015

O-over weighted

O-out of style

Man she is way to cool
by That nice chick February 18, 2015

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