im a bubbly type of person.. can easily make friends in 30 mins, i loved so much, but hates a little, you can easily make me cry, i love my family so much they were my precious treasure, and im very fund hanging out with my friends, but for now im focused with my work because i have goals in life. and i alway praised our lord all mighty
by avictoria May 25, 2010
a word that little kids now know as
Over rated
Out of style
haha that 1st grader is cool
by heypudding May 27, 2007
So You Want to Be a Cool Guy

Step 1: Put on sunglasses
Step 2: Say "sup" in the coolest way possible.
Step 3: You're now cool.
"Sup" - Homestar
by gamr25 May 28, 2004
Cool means to be awesome, to be liked by everyone.
In other words cool means to be Anthony Milosevic.
Hassan: Hey look its the cool guy
Anthony: Wassup guys
by ajdlahfadlskj fdlks November 22, 2007
In context of a sexual partner a cool girl or cool guy is one who engages in 420 sessions and peaks during casual sex.
I met this cool chick online last week. We met up for a drink and went back to her place to pack a phat bowl and get busy.
by nick April 09, 2005
to do something stupid so you are to be accepted. Usually works when you are suicidal.
The cool way to pass the goochie.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
Constipated Overrated Overweighted Loser
that guy is so cool in schoool
by five ten pm August 19, 2006

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