when you are cool, you don't need to be told you're cool cos that makes it lame. however, if no one tells you then how would you know? thinking you're cool makes you uncool. not thinking you're cool when you are makes you ignorant. when you don't care about what others think of you and you're okay with who other people are, you're cool. there is a fine line between COOL and GAY and TRYHARD WANNABE. when you're not hyper/annoying, and people like you, you're cool. rambling on like this is not cool.
1. homer simpson is cool!
2. lameness is not cool
3. a half melted ice cube is cool
4. being indifferent is cool
5. typos a ren ot cool
6. gay is cool
7. school is not cool
5. jigging is boring.
9. whups. wrong number. DRUGS ARE NOT COOL
10. boring is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by gay October 13, 2004
to be cool dudes like darius raza stickman and leinad
but mostly cool chicks like brandy and celeste !!!
raza: OMFG!! man brandy and celeste are some cool shit !!
Brandy && Celeste: Man you not cool your a loser major
Raza: yall mad cool !!
Brandy && Celeste : thanks DAWG !!
by BRALESTE January 13, 2007
a word to say when you don't know what else to say.
created by jim.
also copyrighted by jim.
u must say TM after you use it.
guy 1: i worked out today.
guy 2: cool TM.
by Jim a December 15, 2006
Being amazingly awesome or inspiring in a way that makes you want to be like the thing or person that is that way. also a person that happens to be unsurpassable in any way by anyone else for these traits.
Anna was the coolest girl ever, in the whole wide world.
by SmokedHam November 25, 2006
The term has recently become the opposite of what it used to be. It is now often used sarcastically or to refer to that which is not 'cool'.
1. So, you skipped school today? Well, aren't you cool.

2. Look at the guy playing the trumpet; he's one of the cool kids now. I wish I was that cool.
by Asterisk October 30, 2005
The most appropriate word to slough over someone who think him/herself had did a great job.
Good job man, this is one of the coolest drawing I have ever seen.
by Mokonamon May 11, 2005
1. adj: a word used to express one's opinion on something. one person may think something's 'cool' whilst another may not.
adverb: cooler, coolest
2. a word used aimlessly when something doesn't matter, when there's no other word to answer back to a statement with.

3. a temperature that is comfortably cold
person 1: 'music is totally cool, but star trek is not cool'
person 2: 'wtf! star trek is way cooler, like, the coolest! music is totally not cool

person 1: 'i love your hair!'
person 2: 'cool'

'the cool sea breeze swept across her beautiful face'
by Tom Reeves April 02, 2005
Used to describe anything fondly interesting and deserving of respect.
1. "Man, that guy is so cool!"

2. "Did you see what that guy did!? That was cool!"

Also, see Jazz.EXE.
by Dray84 January 21, 2005
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