A word that describes someone or anyone or anything that is interesting and well liked. Cool is over used and often to general and used for things that are often only a fad. The things and people that are in actual fact cool don't care about being cool.
OMG! That dress would look so cool on you!

Dude that deck is freaken cool!
by Stui August 21, 2005
A little re-invention from O.O as being weirded out or scared...CO.OL is something you say when a person is like, telling you something creepy or weird, but you have that sense in you that makes you reply with a "cool". Why not combine? Hmm.
person1:my cat scratched me in the b0oOb 3 times!
person2:.... CO.OL
person1: yeah i know!
#cool #weird #creepy #scary #nice
by David and Sophie July 10, 2008
To be totally AWESOME. Or other such adjectives. Admired, popular.
Kingsley is the coolest.
#kingsley #cool #word #nigga #awesome
by yanianaian October 16, 2005
cool is what you can say when you think someones social status is above average. when you think something is better that usual. or when you dont really care what someone is talking about.
thats cool
wow cool you like...
by caitlin kristin danica August 25, 2004
The word everyone uses when they don't care and they want you to shut up. If your talking and your "friend" says cool that's ur que to shut up.
"Cool" Ashley Benson said as the hair stylist blabbed on.
#cool #go #away #shut #up
by Prettylittleliars763 April 27, 2015

O-over weighted

O-out of style

Man she is way to cool
#ugly #fat #can't poop #no style #loser
by That nice chick February 18, 2015
you're cool which means you're an constipated over weighted old lady
#constipated #over weighted #old #lady #cool
by cupcakelover2.0 January 20, 2015
An adjective denoting a person who demonstrates self-respect, healthy boundaries, and a capacity to understand others.
Jill is cool. She knows how to take a hint.
#synonyms: dignity #balla #compassionate #popular #in the know antonyms: loser #senseless #shameless #narcissist #self-absorbed #arrogant
by notasasianasyouthink November 14, 2014
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