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the chunkyness from a splurge on the lips
Julie You have some cookie crubs left from earlier.
by allicat0789 May 10, 2005
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The lips (outter) of the vagina.
Let me eat your cookiecrumbs.
by memememem November 23, 2005
3 0
skin cells scraped from a woman's cervix during a pap smear.
(cookie slang for vagina)
Girl: "Went to the gynecologist today and got a pap smear"
Guy: "Aw yeah, left your cookie crumbs up in there"
by mickstisy January 20, 2011
3 6
also known as crackrock
What ya need, man?..."Ya got them crumbs, man?"
by Jack Mehoff November 26, 2004
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