a guy who looks/act/smells/what have you like an emo person. He also will have multiple relationships which are oddly similar to one another. These relationships are referred to as "cookie cutter relationships". They like to talk like they're getting really serious with you really fast, although really they love no one but themselves. This guy typically has really bad emo hair, frizzy and badly dyed black. He often will say I love you within weeks of dating you, and cause you and your friends to fight.

His name is often Todd, Chad, Ben, Josh, or Tom.*

These boys probably cut themselves for attention and try to act and claim to be antisocial, but secretly yearn for conversation and drama on a constant basis.

* does not mean all boys with this name are cookie cutters.
**1 1/2 weeks into a relationship between nikki and todd**

Brianna:: dump him already! Todd is such a cookie cutter!

Nikki:: don't make fun of him! He loves me!
by Kaeganne Envy November 20, 2009
girls at every popular bar, everywhere, that all look, act, and speak in the same way.
after walking into any bar and looking around:
goddamn, look at all these fucking cookie cutters!
by serious5150 November 20, 2006
1. One who cuts cookies.

2. One who has the appearance, walk, or talk of a homosexual, although, they may not be.

3. A male child who looks like he will probably turn out to be gay, according to his actions and interests.
Larry's kid from "I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry" is a cookie cutter.
by imjust2good December 10, 2007
The police. The term is particularly used for the police treatment of African Americans, turning or seeing them all as convicts.
Oh shit, it's the cookie cutter.
by Big Schlong Stud January 25, 2008

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