In MMO terms, it's when a class or race have about the same build or gear.
Mass haste is part of a cookie cutter build for a cleric in aika and is in high demand in pvp
by lythia November 29, 2011
A group of Skanks that are exact clones of each other..highly annoying and frigid..and always pretend to be drunk after 1 cooler and lead on every nice guy in the school...fking skanks
Those girls are such cookie cutters
by jellybean + baaabe May 26, 2008
To perform oral on a male (blowjob) while using your teeth.
My girlfriend pulled me into the gas station bathroom and gave my a cookie cutter.
by Yolanda's word of da week November 09, 2014
On a steep hill, in a manual transmissoned car, start the car out in 3rd gear instead of 1st. Causing the clutch to rip out.
Mike did a cookiecutter on BriGuy's Mustang and destroyed his tranny.
by 69BriGuy69 November 21, 2007
The act of thrusting the barrel of a pistol into any soft part of a persons body leaving a round shape bruise.

In extreme cases a small round chunk of the persons flesh will remain in the barrel.
"Bill how many times i got to tell you, stop cookie cutting suspects".

"Yo man that cops a cookie cutter".
by Sporadicfire January 21, 2011
Tanorexic gay man. Unoriginal, may include but not limited to, spikey, often high-lighted hair, fake blue contact lenses, wearing "Name brand" mall shit (Hollister A&F and ESPECIALLY the crappy Buckle garbage), orange skin tone, and really bad personalities, and are generally plagued with seriously obese, ugly-as-sin fag-hags who are usually in love with them.
Lesbian Chip Monk is such a cookie cutter, with all of those awful fat girls and the wafting stench of Abercrombie & Fitch cologne.
by DavidMichaelson1 March 02, 2009
noun. This is a name for a very nice ass, particularly that of a female. A good one is called this when it has a good shape and nice firmness, hence why it is called a cookie cutter.
Wow, that Anna sure does have a good cookie cutter on her. Yeah, she must work out.
by jld2 February 27, 2009
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