Predictable, Recycled, Not unique.

She does not have her own style, she is cookie cutter.

That movie was so cookie cutter, nothing surprised me.
by Scottttttty February 21, 2006
Top Definition
Marked by sameness and a lack of originality; mass-produced. Often used to describe suburban housing developments where all of the houses are based on the same blueprints and are differentiated only by their color.
I wouldn't live in one of those ugly cookie-cutter houses for a million dollars.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
The term cookie cutter is used to describe anything that is mass produced quickly and of low quality. See cheezy.
95Q FM plays only cookie cutter remixes.
My friends RCA stereo is cookie cutter equipment.
The Yugo was a cookie cutter car.
by Andrew Kwiecinski August 17, 2005
Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction user term that indicates overpowered character(s) (build of class) that easily dominate in PvM and in PvP and (therefore) are massively common.
Bowazon: Duh , I'm sick of those cookie cutter decrepifying Bonemancers and Infinity Nova Sorceresses! :(
Hybsin: Nuh , I have little problems with them - I usually crush them hard!
by Smart_Player July 26, 2008
People who all act, look, and dress the same. They're usually very mean, popular girls who think they're the best out of everyone and disrespect anyone who isn't their friend. The easiest way to recognize them are if they post Vines of themselves twerking, all look the same, only listen to modern songs and won't let anyone in the room listen to what the want without complaining, and usually have about one to five boyfriends in one week. Most people don't like the Cookie-Cutter breed because they are by far one of the most aggravating types of people other than jocks. They never think about the feelings of other people except their friend's or their's and are mostly the reason that people never do anything fun in any classes.

The opposite of a Cookie-Cutter is a Misfit, who are usually tormented by Cookie-Cutters.
*five girls come in, all of them have long straight hair and booty shorts*

Person 1: Wow, they all look the same...
Person 2: They're obviously Cookie-Cutters.
by Just an MSAnian January 20, 2014
In MMO terms, it's when a class or race have about the same build or gear.
Mass haste is part of a cookie cutter build for a cleric in aika and is in high demand in pvp
by lythia November 29, 2011
n. Article of clothing that rides up the crack of the vagina...
Guy 1-Hey, Man! Check out her camel toe!
Guy 2-I see it, dude. That leotard is a great Cookiecutter.
by flathatpat December 10, 2013

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