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to slap another person with the top of the hand and the and then come back with the palm of the hand in a fast instantaneous motion.
you better shut your mouth before u get cood.

by Auty and trouty pants April 23, 2009
excitement, and or something good
you won 50,000 cood!
by sweetsincere May 12, 2009
Adjective: sweet. (cool+good)
How was the party man?
It was cood.
by Ohhkasia October 03, 2008
An exceptionally spectacular summer holiday involving a group of friends (usually 'the boys', and generally a road/camping/fishing trip)
"Bro, this summer will be a cood one!" "Yeah, i'm gonna slay some huge snaps"
by Mookabye June 26, 2011
Frequently said by people experiencing loopy, silly fits of laughter, "Cood" is simply Food with a C. And that's what's so funny!

Also can be used to describe skeevy, grody, dodgy, or otherwise distasteful things.
Girl: Ahahahaha!! Cood! It's like food, with a C!!! Ahahahah!!!

Jim: That girl was all over me last night. What a coody girl. Yeeeechhhh.
by ImTall June 07, 2010
The kids that go door to door selling cookies for their school of for a club there are in.
Kendra: "who's at the door?"
Jordan: "man it's just another cood"
Kendra: "those things just won't leave us alone"
by xhelloseattlee April 25, 2010
1. A lifestyle.
2. Bowl of unground coffee.
3. Replaces any word, action, description, etc.
Youre so cood.
Stop cooding around.
Wanna cood?
Such a silly cood.
What the cood?
and more..