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a phrase that will later in life be added to our nation's name
the u.s. coo-coo kachoo
by Poppin' Fresh November 18, 2003

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alright cool coozie okay
Well wouldn't you know it.
Coo, coo, kachoo, Mrs. Robinson/Jesus loves you more than you will know
-Simon and Garfunkel.
by Paul Simon December 05, 2004
It means sot of "and next thing you know..."
...so he has a few drinks and coo-coo kachoo he wakes up with a 400lb midget...
by Sphen The Hen February 03, 2004
A mispronunciation of a line from I am the Walrus.
"Coo coo Kachoo"

"It's 'GOO GOO G'JOOB,' you idiot!"
by nobodyinparticular March 27, 2007
Ya' know..
I am the walrus. Coo-coo kachoo!
by Schmuck November 20, 2003
it means it's cool, alright, or okay.
it's coo-coo kachoo
by Emily, and Gabby March 22, 2008
I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob
Stupid bloody Tuesday
by Gumba Gumba June 06, 2004