A person or group of persons who casts "thumbs down" on an entire library of an individual Urban Dictionary author's definitions because they disagree with one of said author's definitions/opinions. Contrarians love to play red light/green light.
Sasha told all of her friends to thumbs down anything by Marcus. What a contrarian.
#jealousy #petty #buzzkill #blonde #loser
by see you on the field September 03, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who automatically tends to take the opposite point of view from the person to whom they're speaking, or to disagree with society at large out of a sort of knee-jerk reflex.
Friend: I've got some ice cream, you want vanilla or chocolate?
Contrarian: Um, do you have strawberry?
Friend: I love indie rock, you heard of these guys?
Contrarian: Yeah, but they're not really that indie, though.
Friend: I guess you're too contrary to vote Democrat or Republican, right? So, what, Libertarian? Green Party? ...Socialist Party?
Contrarian: Of course not, I don't think that any formal political party is a suitable representation of an individual's views.
Friend: *sigh*
#contrary #agreeable #disagreement #groupthink #popular #unpopular
by Iritscen April 21, 2009
1) A person who disagrees with the mainstream or accepted view because he believes it makes him look good and feeds his ego, not because his argument is well thought-out or rational.
2) A false iconoclast who attacks the idols of truth and social justice in order to bring freedom to the status quo and powerful interests.
3) A person who believes they are staking a claim of intellectual daring by suggesting that progress has harmed society.
That Caitlin Flanagan is a real contrarian, always willing to challenge the notion that women are the intellectual and social equals of men by brazenly daring to send them back to the kitchen.
#anti- #false #intellectual #iconoclast #contrary
by pdxmouse June 13, 2007
Someone who hates your social views and opinons out of simplicity and ignorance. How sad.
As soon as Jaime voiced her support of interracial marriage she discovered how contrarian her closest friends really were.
#loser #ignorance #serf #poor #sister
by major_delmac September 03, 2006
further showing that bush is dumb.
bush says "contrarian to popular belief, I am smart"
by I_Actuate November 11, 2004
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