A roll in bed with honey. Sexual. Told to me by some random older black guy on the train.
Jack: Why are you going to LA?
Steve: To see my girlfriend
Jack: Like for a Continental Breakfast?
Steve: Pretty much.
*High Fives*
by AwesomeMan666 January 09, 2006
Top Definition
Generally provided by cheap British hotels so that they don't need to serve you a PROPER breakfast.

A Continental Breakfast usually consists of some cheap freeze-dried coffee, some sort of stale pastry and perhaps an old, soft biscuit if you're fortunate enough.

The name comes from the fact that Hoteliers wish you to believe that our "more culturaly refined" and "chic" Continental (note, European) cousins, eat this crap for breakfast themselves, and by eating it you can be JUST as cultured!

Predictably, if you ever happen to stay at a hotel on "The Continent", the chances of them serving you this rubbish are somewhere between silm and none.
"For a mere £5 extra, you will be provided with a delicious, exciting and culturaly stimulating Continental Breakfast!"
by Master Beaver January 20, 2006

1. A small breakfast consisting of coffee and a roll or bran muffin, named so not for continental airlines (as popularly believed), but rather, because coffee coupled with a bran muffin tend to make one have to defecate, close to the point of <i>incontinence</i>.
The continental breakfast they offered really made me have to crap.
by Sommy September 08, 2004
Two eggs and a sausage in the mouth all at the same time.
I did not think she could have done it but some how she managed to give me the continental breakfast.
by NastyBrett January 27, 2004
Fucking instead of food.
Nosy co-worker: "Did you boyfriend make eggs for you this morning?"
Self: "Umm. We had a continental breakfast."
by Khizzar April 09, 2010
Sexual act involving Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch is smashed up and put inside of the vagina, and then the woman is fucked until the man ejaculates inside of her. The resulting combination of sperm and cereal is then squeezed out into a bowl and eaten.
Example #1: My hoe just picked up a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the store, so it's time for a continental breakfast.

Example #2: That bitch tried to get me to eat her continental breakfast after we fucked, so I slapped her and told her to get out.
by Big K Nasty September 15, 2009
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