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The opposite of Prostitution. The act of paying for sex.
Man GW's so ugly he's gotta be into constitution.
by citizenoftheusofa May 02, 2008
4 14
When something or someone like doesn´t exist.. You can´t see it.. It´s like part of something bigger.. What is it called? ehmm yea!
constitution, it´s constitution.
Your not a person anymore, your a constitution.
by Der Wubbileinen February 05, 2004
1 12
Something liberals know nothing about but think they do. A historical document drafted in 1787 by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and the foundation of American law that liberals consider irrelevant today because it does not coincide with their misguided views. The liberals only use the Constitution to twist its wording and further their agenda i.e. using SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE to ban anything considered religious from public, and turning FREEDOM OF RELIGION into Freedom from Religion.
The U.S. Constitution is NOT law (despite what liberals tell you), but merely the foundation of our laws. The U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are the greatest documents the human race has seen.
by krock1dk May 19, 2008
14 38
1. an antique document. out of date in the u.s.a.
whats a "constitution"? an ice-hockey-team?
by nuketheworld April 20, 2003
11 37