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The hottest guy in the world, very talented singer on American Idol.
Constantine is a sexy beast!
by whatever April 20, 2005
the soon to be winner of american idol!
I voted for Constantine Maroulis for 2 hours after the show..
by HOLLii March 24, 2005
The frontman of the band Pray for the Soul of Betty. Kohb Records rescued him from American Idol obscurity.
Isn't it wonderful that Constantine Maroulis got signed to Kohb and will now be producing records for hopefully a long time?
by Ophelia Desdemona May 01, 2005
Ugly greek theatre nerd masquerading as a "rocker dude" on American Idol. Wears too-small leather jackets, strategically ripped jeans and an onyx ring. Has zero singing talent but his staring and "eyefucking" the camera makes you forget that.
Don't vote for Constantine Maroulis. He has neck fat, a butt chin, and he doesn't wash his hair
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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